One of the areas that have generated a lot of interest recently is recruiting young professionals. Of course organizations have always recruited young people but I’m referring specifically to technology that is focusing on this demographic. I am not talking about job boards. Let’s be clear about this because for those who know me they know how I feel about job boards. Let’s just say that the activity of “posting and praying” needs to be laid to rest. It doesn’t work. It’s not 1985 anymore.

Now that my mini “sort of rant” is over, I will say that with the recent upturn in the global economy we have seen an increase in hiring. This is great news for everyone, particularly young people, both students and recent graduates. With the Baby Boomer generation aging I think you will finally start to see people from this generation truly leave the workforce. Maybe not entirely but enough so that organizations start to realize significant gaps in their employee talent group and strength of their bench. The moral of this story is that it is starting to shift into a job seekers market. This fact has not been realized in the past decade, and I think it’s going to cause some uneasiness with how organizations recruit new talent.

As I mentioned earlier the post and pray method needs to die. Why? It does nothing to differentiate an organization from its competitors, and it does NOT attract top talent. It only attracts the best talent that apply. What about the others who may not be actively scouring job boards, your career site and other job posting-related sites? You simply fail to tap into this much MUCH bigger audience.
So what’s the answer? Well, one possible solution is to focus on your employer brand and invest in technology and solutions that connect your brand to the next gen talent population. One such organization that I had the privilege of meeting at the HRPA conference is yconic. I had a nice chat with them at their tradeshow booth and they made it crystal clear that a) they are not a job board and b) do not, and will not ever post jobs. THANK-YOU!!!! However what they do is connect and engage with over 3 million young professionals from across the globe and support them in multiple ways with their education. They also work with organizations to enable them to tap into this highly engaged and talented community to support succession planning, recruitment and workforce planning efforts. Now this is the type of organization I like — a much needed concept within a specific niche in the market, supported by an awesome piece of technology and service offering.

Go check them out — 100% Canadian with locations in Toronto, Waterloo and Chicago. Don’t be like every other organization out there looking to recruit top young talent. What’s differentiating you from your competitors? A more glitzy job posting? A video on your careers site? Think again — it’s about the strength of your brand, through the eyes of your target audience, and how effective you are at engaging with and building relationships with them. No go forth… go check out yconic, contact them, speak to them and think about how you can upgrade your efforts in recruitment.