Macron counters Trump’s ‘Make America Great slogan’, says make planet great

French President Emmanuel Macron said had made an historic error by abandoning the Paris climate agreement, and invited US climate scientists and entrepreneurs to come and work in France.

Trump has “committed an error for the interests of his country and a mistake for the future of our planet,” Macron said on television yesterday, adding: “The United States has turned its back on the world.”

Referring to Trump’s idea of redrawing the 2015 accord, he said, “we will not in any way renegotiate an agreement that is less ambitious” than the present one.

Macron also called on American “scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, committed citizens” to “come and work in France on concrete solutions for climate.”

“To those who are disappointed by the decision of the United States president, you will find a second homeland in France,” he promised.

“France will not turn its back on Americans, France will not give up the fight,” he said.


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