Adam Schiff on HR McMaster: Trump Admin Takes In Good People, Chews Credibility Out Of Them, Spits Them Out | Video

Rep. Adam Schiff, top ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, responds to Trump national security advisor HR McMaster’s comments defending Jared Kushner’s alleged contacts with the Russians.

RADDATZ: Well, you’re talking about context. So it would be OK if it was a back channel if all this other context hadn’t happened? I know H.R. McMaster, the president’s national security adviser, said he was not concerned about back channel communications. Historically there have been back channels.

SCHIFF: You know, I was disappointed to see the general say that. I have a lot of respect for him. Sadly I think this is an administration that takes in people with good credibility and chews them out and spits out their credibility at the same time.

Yes, that’s true in the abstract what General McMaster said.

RADDATZ: You are saying he has lost his credibility…


SCHIFF: No, but I think that anyone within the Trump orbit is at risk of being used. And what the general said here, that may be true in the context where you’re trying to arrange secret talks with the Taliban to negotiate a peaceful resolution or you’re trying to achieve the release of hostages.

But for people associated with the campaign after that campaign has ended and where the Russians during that campaign were helping you, to try to establish a back channel and hide it from your own government, that’s…

RADDATZ: The New York Times and…

SCHIFF: … a serious allegation.

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